"Works and Days"

The title is stolen from the Ancient Greek poet, Hesiod, but this is not a didactic poem of farming lore! This is a sort of "works cited" page listing the various tales set in Midhgardhur:


The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper: A Midhgardhur Fantasy - available now from Amazon on Kindle!

Ormsbani: A Midhgardhur Fantasy - forthcoming (hopefully in 2017)

Short Stories

Short stories hosted at Channillo: include:

Dark Valkyrie (November 2015)

Hrafn's Ninth Night (December 2015)

Thralls of Ginnungagap (January 2016)

Courtship (February 2016)

The Harp of the Sisters (March 2016)

Role-Playing Game Campaign

Yes, I run a long-standing RPG campaign set in Midhgardhur. It is called Heroes of Midhgardhur and it is hosted at Obsidian Portal: